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How to Avoid French Ski Holiday Traffic

Learn from the Experts: How to Avoid The Holiday Traffic Madness!


Avoid School Holiday Traffic French Alps Ski TransferThe French school holidays are about to enter their second week so we thought we’d share our tips on how to survive the traffic jams that plague the alpine roads every February.

When it comes to holidays, we all agree the French know what they’re doing. They get a 2 week half term in February and they split the country up into 3 different zones. Each zone taking a different 2 week period. This spreads the load evenly over the month-long holiday season. The downside is it means 4 Saturday transfer days of relatively heavy traffic. This affects everyone, including passengers on our bus transfers. This year the French School Holidays run from the 9th February 2019 – 9th March 2019.




Food and Water on Ski Transfer JourneyLet’s start with the basics. Whether you’re on a shared ski transfer with Ben’s Bus, a private transfer or travelling in your own car, prepare for a longer-than-expected journey. Make sure you have enough food and water, especially if you are diabetic, and keep any medicines in your hand luggage.

It’s not unusual for an airport transfer to Tignes for instance, to take 5 or even 6 hours instead of the usual 3 & 1/2 hours. So bring a book, some games for the kids and lots of pre-downloaded videos to view on your device.





Snail's Pace Mountain TrafficPlan your journey in advance. If you’re heading up to the resort, try to get to Grenoble or Albertville by 9am at the latest. Between 11am and 3pm the roads climbing the mountain can be moving at a snail’s pace. If you’re leaving the resort, try to do it before 07:30 or after 14:00. The worst hotspots are between Bourg St Maurice and Moutiers, the Rocade Sud ring road south of Grenoble and the Lyon and Chambery peages.

Booking a morning or evening flight will mean you can take an airport transfer that dodges the worst of the traffic. Ben’s Bus has lots of morning transfers to and from Grenoble Airport, Lyon Airport and Geneva Airport and we allow extra time when we know the traffic might be bad.





Ben's Bus Ski Transfer VehiclesBook your ski transfer with a reputable and established company. Ben’s Bus has been working in the mountains for 13 years and works with local coach companies. Our drivers know the cheeky short cuts and how to avoid the bottle necks. Our coordinators consult traffic websites and traffic cameras and our drivers and reps report where the roads are congested.

Top Tip: Don’t rely completely on Sat-Nav as it might try to take you across mountain passes that are closed in the winter!




French School Holiday Dates

The easiest way to avoid the rush and the crowds is to take your ski holiday in January or March. You’ll also get cheaper deals on accommodation and the queues for the ski lifts will be much smaller. Plus, you’ll get that table at your favourite restaurant! This website is a good source of information about school holidays in France

The worst 2 weeks of the 2018 / 2019 ski season are the 16th – 23rd February and the 23rd February – 2nd March. During these weeks there are 2 zones in France on their holidays and many other European countries too.


Posted 13th February 2019

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Fantastic Snow Conditions in the French Alps

Over 30cm of snow has fallen over the last 2 days in some resorts, with another 70cm on its way!


Alpe d'Huez Snow ForecasatAlpe d’Huez, Les Deux Alpes and Chamrousse have seen a handsome snowfall over the last few days. The resorts in the Tarentaise valley, such as Val Thorens, Tignes, Val d’Isere, La Plagne and Les Arcs have also seen a top of of snow. Thankfully the Snow Gods have been smiling on us this year and there’s blue skies today and tomorrow, transfer day, so our buses should run without disruption. So for those of you out in the resorts today, enjoy these amazing conditions!

For those of you heading out soon or thinking about coming out, there’s a huge dump on its way this week. Alpe d’Huez is predicted to get up to 70cm over the next few days. The Tarentaise resorts are predicted slightly less but still, another 40cm is not bad! With cold temperatures settling in for the next week, the snow should stay fresh for all you powder monkeys.

We still have some spaces left on our transfer buses from Geneva Airport, Grenoble Airport and Lyon Airport but get in there quick as the next few weeks are proving to be very popular.


Just in case you don’t believe us, here’s a shot of Chamrousse this morning, showing the recent snowfall on the trees. If you want to check the snow report for your resort, try

Chamrousse Dump 25th Jan


Posted 25th January 2019

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Gilet Jaune 15th Dec 2018



Gilet Jaunes Disruption to transfersDespite the assurances to the French Populace on Monday evening by Monsieur Macron, there is still a strong possibility that the Gilet Jaune protesters will be out in force on Saturday 15th December 2018, as they have been for the previous 4 Saturdays.

We have done our best to prepare for this and will do our best on Saturday to limit the disruption to the start of your holiday, but we are afraid we may still be affected by this. The Gilet Jaune may be out on the roads, at roundabouts and peages, blocking traffic and causing delays. This may affect not only your transfer up to your resort, but our bus may be held up getting to the airport. So if our bus is not at the airport ready for your departure, the chances are very high that this was because it was held up in a protest. As per our Conditions of Sale, we cannot be held responsible for delays on this nature, since they are out of our control.

We would kindly ask our customers for their patience and understanding if there is a disruption to your Ben’s Bus ski transfer. We would also recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you for you transfer.

On the plus side, the weather is look good for tomorrow and there is more snow forecast for the middle of the week. So once in resort, you should have a great holiday.

Thank you.

Posted 14th December 2018

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Day Trips Now On Sale



Day Trip Alpe d'Huez Les 2 Alpes fbWe’re delighted to have launched our new service for our customers travelling to Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes. If you’ve booked an Airport transfer to either of these resorts with us, you will now be given the chance to add to you booking a bus which will take you from either resort to the other, on a Wednesday.

Our service will pick you up in the morning and take you over to the other resort. The journey takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour. We’ll then pick you up in the evening and bring you back home in time for dinner.

A 6-day ski pass in either resort gives you a day for free in the other resort, so the entire trip will cost you just £18.50. To see more details about this cool addition to your holiday, visit our Day Trips page. For info

Posted 29th November 2018

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Instagram Logo Ben's Bus Ski TransfersFinally we at Ben’s Bus have dragged our feet over to Instagram. Late to the party, we know, but in true après ski style we’ll double down and catch up!

Our first Instagram post captures the opening day conditions in Val Thorens yesterday. Snowy peaks, blue skies and the calmness before the season properly kicks in. Shout out to @issie_brown for this great pic.

Follow us on Instagram to get up up to date pictures of your ski resort and the conditions throughout the season.


Posted 25th November 2018

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Snow Heading to French Alps



Mental Pre-season Snow ForecastHeard about the Arctic Blast about to hit the UK and Europe? Well this is great news for the ski resorts of France as by Saturday, it’s going to bring freezing conditions and lots of early snow to the Alps.

After a long, unseasonably hot summer in the mountains, this is welcome news. Cold temperatures are needed at this time of the year to get the ground cold and prepare it for the snowfall which will form the all-important base. Some resorts in France are expecting to see temperatures down to -9, accompanied by up to 1 metre of snow. Check out the snow forecast for your resort.




Book your ski transfer nowIf you haven’t already, you should get your ski transfer booked now before our seats sell out. We’re the cheapest travel option for all our routes out of Geneva Airport, Grenoble Airport and Lyon Airport. Last year lots of our buses sold out so if you’ve sorted your accommodation and flights, what are you waiting for? Use the form at the bottom of this page to get a quote in seconds. 

Our prices, with our group discounts, start at £40pp. If you’re heading up to the wonderful Alpe d’Huez or Les Deux Alpes, a Single starts at £26pp!

Posted 23rd October 2018

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Transfers to Tomorrowland Alpe d’Huez 2019



Transfers to Tomorrowland Alpe d'Huez 2019Ben’s Bus has added extra buses to their timetable for their transfers from Grenoble Airport to Alpe d’Huez for the Tomorrowland Winter Festival. If you’re flying into Grenoble and need a transfer to Tomorrowland Winter 2019 in Alpe d’Huez, we now have up to 10 buses a day! That means you’ll be off your plane and heading up to the Tomorrowland music festival with minimal waiting around. Prices start at £43.30pp Return.

We also have plans for some transfers from Lyon Airport– Like Us on facebook to keep up to date.




Tomorrowland is the legendary music festival that’s usually held in Boom, Belgium. It’s well known as one of the best electronic music festivals in the world and has, in the past, attracted the likes of David Guetta, Carl Cox, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and Steve Aoki to name but a few.

This year the Tomorrowland team have created a Winter version and Alpe d’Huez, with its 300 days of sunshine a year, is the lucky ‘chosen one’! The event takes place between the 13th – 15th March 2019 and you can choose between a 4-day or a 7-day (9th – 16th March 2019) package, which includes festival access, accommodation, and ski pass. The Tomorrowland magic will be present throughout the resort and their trademark attention to detail, decor, atmosphere and exciting food and drinks stalls will surely transform the resort into a wonderland. Tickets are on sale now.




Alpe d'Huez Airport TransfersVisit the Alpe d’Huez Tourist Office for additional information about the resort and the event. Our shared low cost transfers to Alpe d’Huez includes a meet and greet from our manager at Grenoble Airport, who will get you onto our coach. Then’s it’s a swift 45 minutes journey up to Alpe d’Huez. We have 4 conveniently placed stops in the resort, all close to the big accommodation areas.

You can also stay in the ski resorts close to Alpe d’Huez. Our shared airport service can take you to the following destinations: Auris en Oisans, Vaujany, Oz en OisansBourg d’Oisans and Les Deux Alpes.

The airlines you can choose from include BA, Ryanair as well as Transavia from Rotterdam and Norwegian from Stockholm. Skyscanner is a great site to compare airline ticket prices.

Posted 18th October 2018

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easyJet Spring Flights Launched

Posted 20th September 2018



easyJet Spring 2019 Flights on SaleIf you’ve been waiting for the easyJet spring flights to go on sale, today’s the day! They just launched their late spring scheduled and all their flights are now on sale. Bag yourself a bargain quick at before all the cheap seats go.

Once you’ve booked your flights, you can book our Shared Transfers from Geneva Airport and Lyon Airport right now. Just use our BOOK A TRANSFER box below to get a price in seconds.

If you’ve booked a flight to Grenoble Airport, we’ll be launching our timetable in a few weeks. To find out more about this, visit our Grenoble Spring Schedules page.

Of course there are plenty of other airlines to consider, including BA, Ryanair and Swissair (who don’t charge for ski carriage!) to name but a few. Skyscanner is a great site to compare airline ticket prices.

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Grenoble Airport Shared Transfers 2018 On Sale

Posted 15th August 2018



We know it’s still summer, but after last year’s epic season, we’re so excited about the upcoming winter that we’ve launched the Grenoble Airport Winter 2018 / 2019 transfers early. You can now book to any of the resorts that we cover from Grenoble Airport via our Instant Quote box. Just fill in where you’re going, on what dates and how many people are travelling and you’ll get a quote in seconds. The following pages will then show all the flights on those dates and our corresponding bus times. Or click this link to see a list of our Prices

Our dates of operations, depending on the resort you are heading to, are 15th December 2018 to the 20th April 2019. 

Our 2018 / 2019 Shared Transfers from Geneva Airport and Lyon Airport are also now on sale.

Click on a resort below to find out more information.

Grenoble Airport to Alpe d'Huez Ski Transfers                             Grenoble Airport to Les Deux Alpes Ski Transfers                              oz en oisans ski transfers                        vaujany ski transfers


Grenoble Airport to Val d'Isere Ski Transfers                         Grenoble Airport to Tignes Ski Transfers                                 Grenoble Airport to St Foy Ski Transfers                                Chamrousse Ski Transfers


Grenoble Airport to St Martin de Belleville ski transfers                                 Serre Chevalier Airport Transfers                          Grenoble Airport to Les Menuires ski transfers                             Grenoble Airport to Val Thorens ski transfers

Our buses also stop at MoutiersAime & Bourg St Maurice for connections to resorts such as MeribelMottaretLes Arcs, & La Plagne.

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Lyon Airport Shared Transfers 10% Off

Posted 4th August 2018



Last Ski Season saw record snowfalls across the French Alps, so we can’t wait for the new Winter 2018/19 to get going. As a celebration of our Lyon Airport Shared Transfers going live, we’re offering people who like our Facebook Page a 10% Discount for a Limited Time Only.

Just visit and Like our Facebook Page and view our Post about Lyon Airport Transfers going on sale to get the Discount Code.

Our dates of operations are 14th December 2018 to the 6th April 2019.

Our Prices start at £87.30pp Return. However, we have some amazing discounts for Young People (under 26) and Children (under 12).


Tignes Ski Transfers                                                        Val d'Isere Ski Transfers                                                 St Foy Ski Transfers


Lyon Airport to St Martin de Belleville ski transfers                                             Lyon Airport to Val Thorens ski transfers                                             Lyon Airport to Les Menuires ski transfers


Lyon Airport to Les Allues Ski Transfers                                                                           Lyon Airport to Meribel Ski Transfers                                                                   Lyon Airport to Mottaret Ski Transfers

All our buses stop at MoutiersAime & Bourg St Maurice for connections to resorts such as CourchevelLa Plagne and Les Arcs.


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