Environment and Charitable Donations

Ben’s Bus supports a number of sporting, environmental, community and charitable projects in the UK and abroad. We believe that as a member of the sporting and travel community, we have a duty to give something back to help the environment and those in need.


bens bus airport ski transfers charitiesIn 2016, we changed the way we give money to charities. The hope was that the total amount we donate each year would increase, whilst also giving our customers the opportunity to contribute a little something too.

Instead of making regular payments to our chosen charities, we now ask you, when you book your airport ski transfer with us, if you wish to donate 25p to charity. If you do, Ben’s Bus will match that 25p. So each booking you make, whether it be from Grenoble Airport, Geneva Airport or Lyon Airport, will result in a total of 50p going to good causes. We have a blog post here showing how much we gave each charity at the end of the 2016 2017 ski season, or you can read more details below.


We’ve chosen a few good causes which we think compliment our business ethos. Here are the 4 charities that Ben’s Bus supports.




Solar AidBen’s Bus cares passionately about the environment. It was one of the reasons Ben first launched Ben’s Bus. The roads up to the beautiful mountains are too often clogged up with thousands of cars. Ben’s Bus shared transfers generally involve 50-seater coaches, meaning cheaper prices for you, less hire cars and private transfer vehicles on the road and smaller carbon footprints. SolarAid is a charity committed to helping African villages use their natural, renewable resources to better their lives whilst making minimal impact on the environment. So your donation will help bring your carbon footprint down further! Our customers have raised £195 towards this charity and Ben’s Bus Ltd has donated a total of £411.





British Ski and Snowboard FoundationBen’s Bus has been helping out our young stars for a few years now by offering free seats on our shared ski transfers out of Geneva Airport and Grenoble Airport to a few select athletes so they can train in resort. Now we’ve gone a step further. We’ve become an official supporter of this new and exicting fundraising idea, The British Ski & Snowboard National Foundation. We’re hoping that this will raise the profile of skiing in Great Britain whilst helping to fund our up-and-coming starlets. The bonus – all you snowsports fans will hopefully have something to cheer about at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics! Our customers have raised £195 towards this charity and Ben’s Bus Ltd has donated a total of £195.





water aid logo WaterAid is a charity with initiatives in over 37 countries around the world. They mainly operate in Africa and Asia by improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene to those that need it most. A quote from their website reads “We tackle the crisis from all angles. We work with local partners to deliver clean water and toilets and promote good hygiene, and campaign to make change happen for everyone everywhere.” Our customers have raised £195 towards this charity and Ben’s Bus Ltd has donated a total of £411.





shelter logo

Shelter is a UK homelessness organisation. A quote from their website reads “Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services. And we campaign to make sure that one day, no one will have to turn to us for help.” Our customers have raised £195 towards this charity and Ben’s Bus Ltd has donated a total of £411.




mile oak wanderers football clubBen’s Bus is also proud to sponsor a young football team in the Brighton & Hove Area. This is a separate sponsorship deal and customer’s charitable donations do not contribute towards this. Ben’s Bus sponsors the U10’s Mile Oak Wanderers FC for the 2015/ 2016 football season and the 2016 / 2017 football season. Good Luck for the season kids!!!!