Ben’s Bus Plus

Bens Bus Plus

Ben’s Bus Plus is an upgrade that offers preferential refund and amendment terms, allowing you to book with confidence. If you want the peace of mind of being able to cancel your booking and get a refund for the cost of your transfers, we recommend you upgrade. You also get the flexibility of free, unlimited changes to your booking (availability permitting). The cost of the upgrade is between 8-10% of your transfer price and is not refundable.

You can only upgrade to Ben’s Bus Plus at the time of booking. You cannot add this refund guarantee retrospectively.

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Cancel your booking up to 10pm, 4 days before your first transfer and get a guaranteed 100% Refund*. The Fee for upgrading will not be refunded.

Change your booking for free, as many times as you want, up to 10pm, 4 days before your first transfer. Any differences in fares will be payable.

– When we create better timed buses, we will prioritise moving BB+ customers over to these better timed buses.

– Priority on the next available transfer if your flight is delayed, or an earlier bus if you arrive early.

*No refunds will be given after 10pm, 4 days before your first transfer.

N.B. You cannot change a Return to a Single. We would need to cancel your booking and refund you, less the BB+ fees and you re-book your Single via our website. If you need to split the people up in your booking, we would need to delete those people from the booking, refund you less the BB+ fees and you rebook those people via our website.





If you don’t upgrade, our normal terms, which can be found in our Conditions of Sale, are:

– Cancel your booking up to 3 weeks before your first transfer at a cost of £15pp. No refund will be given when less than 3 weeks notice is given.

– All Changes to your booking will incur a £5pp admin fee.

– No priority will be given on the next available transfer if you miss your bus. However, you can still travel on later buses for free if there is availability.


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Ben’s Bus Plus can be added to transfers from Geneva Airport, Grenoble Airport and Lyon Airport to all our resorts, including our transfers to Val Thorens, our shared transfers to Val d’Isere, our buses to Tignes and many more. Visit our ski resorts page for a full list of where we can take you.