Geneva Airport Ski Transfers Questions

Ski Transfer QuestionsYou will find below a list of the most commonly asked Geneva Airport Ski Transfer questions. 95% of questions we receive are answered on our website, so you may find the information you are looking for quicker by reading the appropriate section of this page or the correct page from the menu above.

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Our routes out of Geneva Airport are operated by our franchisees, No Fuss Bus. If you need to speak to someone, then please email They will endeavour to answer your emails within 24 hours. For the company information and address of No Fuss Bus, please expand the section at the bottom of this page.

I need to change my booking!
What is your policy on carrying children?
How much is a geneva ski transfer what is the availability?
What time do your Geneva buses go?
Does Ben’s Bus do weekday ski transfers to & from GEneva airport?
What dates do you run your geneva buses?
Do your transfers run from the French or Swiss side of Geneva Airport?
I am not flying into Geneva airport, can you still transport me?
Why is there sometimes a wait between my flight landing & your bus leaving?
Why does the bus appear to get me to the airport so early?
Which ski resorts do you cover from Geneva Airport?
I have not got my e-Ticket!
I have my e-Ticket on my phone but not printed – is this OK?
What happens if my flight into geneva is delayed?
Where do I meet the rep at Geneva airport?
How long does the journey take?
How many stops will there be during my journey?
My payment fails! What shall I do?
Where can I find your conditions of sale?
I really need to speak to someone!