Refunds Coronavirus



The cut off date for applications for refunds for ski transfers in March and April 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic has now passed and no further applications will be accepted. This page was created on the 19th March and clearly stated that all applications needed to be sent by the 5th May 2020, which  gave all our customers more than 6 weeks to apply for a refund. We sent all our customers an email pointing them to this page as well as including the link on our Contact Us Message Alerts, our Blog Page and our facebook page.


Our systems from last season will now be cleared down in preparation for the 2020 / 2021 ski season. The email address listed below will no longer accept applications for refunds. Thank you for your understanding.



Due to the Coronovirus pandemic and the decision by the French government to close all ski resorts in France as of the 16th March 2020, all Ben’s Bus ski transfers from the 16th March 2020 until the end of the April 2020 have unfortunately had to be cancelled. We’re very sorry for all our customers who have missed out on their ski holiday this year and we hope you are all safe and well. We’re sure everyone will come out of this together at the other end, stronger than ever and ready to ski again! Please Let’s All Work Together to get through this and remember to:

Stay at Home Whenever Possible 

Respect The Social Distance of 2 metres 

Wash Your Hands Regularly


If you have booked a ski transfer from an airport to a resort – departing the airport after the 16th March 2020 – we are making special exceptions to our normal Conditions of Sale. While our Conditions of Sale stipulates that we shall have no liability where we are unable to provide the ski transfer for any reason beyond our control, we think it is fair that we should refund to you as much of the money you paid for your ticket as possible. We will need to deduct some small admin fees to cover the costs (including bank fees) of processing both the original booking purchase and the refund. We will be reasonable with this and reduce our usual £10pp admin fee whenever we can. We know as a customer you trust us to look after you and we want to continue to look after you in years to come.

You must email your request for a refund to the email address given below by the 5th May 2020. We will not process any refunds after this date.




We’ve tried to make this as easy as we can for both you and us. We will have a large number of bookings to cancel and refund and this will take time, so your patience is appreciated. The process will be expedited if the simple steps outlined below are carefully followed. If the instructions below are not carefully followed, this may result in a delay to your payment or you not receiving a refund at all if we don’t receive your request by the 5th May 2020.

1. Find the email that contains the Ben’s Bus eTicket in your Lead Passenger email account. If you cannot find it, re-send it to yourself here

2. Forward that email from the Lead Passenger email account to  with the words “Dear Ben – I wish I was skiing right now but instead I’m asking you to refund me for the transfer below. I understand there will be admin fees deducted.” Please do not reply to the eTicket email as it won’t go anywhere! You need to simply click the “Forward” button in your email account and forward the email to

3. Please be patient and check your spam / junk / promotional folder. We will endeavour to reply to you within 7 days. Also check the statement for the card that you used to make the original payment.

– We will refund the card that you used to make the original booking.

– If that particular card has been replaced (i.e lost / stolen / expired) but the account associated with the card is still open, our experience is that you will still receive the monies, so please wait a few days, check your statement again and then get back in touch if you cannot see the refund.

– There will be a few cases where we cannot refund the card you paid with but we’ll let you know about that once we receive your refund request. We may need to call you and do the refund manually over the phone, or ask for your bank details. We’ll let you know about that by email once you contact us as per the instructions below.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and assistance this. We wish you all the very best health and we look forward to seeing you in the snow when things return to normal.