Each person is allowed to bring 1 HOLD ITEM and 1 small piece of HAND LUGGAGE. This is included in your ticket price. If you wish to bring more than this, you will need to pay for the extra items.


HOLD ITEMS are defined as any item that WILL NOT FIT into the overhead rack of a bus. Hold items need to be paid for (if over your allowance mentioned above) and could include:

Suitcase, holdall, large ruck sack etc    |    Skis / Snowboard   |    Boot-bag   |    Pushchair   |    Small airline-style ‘Wheelie Bags’


HAND LUGGAGE is defined as anything that fits into the overhead rack of a bus (which are much smaller than on airplanes!) So small rucksacks, handbags etc. Small airline-style ‘Wheelie Bags’ WILL NOT FIT into these racks and so they count as hold items.


You can buy additional hold items when you book, or you can log in later and purchase them.

Extra luggage you have purchased will appear in the “Price Breakdown” box of your eticket email.

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For all our services, our prices for purchasing extra hold items are £3.50 per item per journey, except if you are travelling from Grenoble Airport to Alpe d’Huez, Les 2 Alpes, Bourg d’Oisans or Rochetaillee, when they cost £2.50 per item per journey.