La Plagne

Geneva Airport to La Plagne 

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Which La Plagne Resorts Do We Cover ?

From Geneva Airport, we run transfers to Belle Plagne, Plagne Bellecote, Plagne Centre, Plagne Soleil & Plagne 1800


Our Prices

From Geneva Airport we can arrange private shared ski transfers to Belle Plagne, Plagne Bellecote, Plagne Centre, Plagne Soleil & Plagne 1800 for between £66.50 and £76pp Return & between £39 and £44.50pp Single depending on your group size. To see a full list of our prices and group discounts, please visit our prices page or simply put your details into our Instant Quote box on our home page and the full price will appear on the following page. Please note there is a £5 surcharge for each Sunday you travel on.   


What Dates Do We Operate ?

We will run our shared resort transfers between Geneva Airport and La Plagne on Saturdays from the 13th December 2014 until the 18th April 2015 and Sundays from 21st December 2014 to the 5th April 2015. Please note the following exceptions:

Saturday 13th December & Sunday 21st December – Only leaving from Geneva Airport. No transfers to Geneva Airport.

Sunday 5th April & Saturday 18th April – Only leaving from the ski resorts. No transfers to the ski resorts.

What Times Do Our Buses Go ?

To see if there is a shared ski transfer bus that suits you, please enter your flight details into our online system and our nearest bus times will appear on the proceeding pages Book your ski transfer from Geneva Airport now


How Long Do Our Transfers Take ?

The transfer between Geneva Airport and Plagne 1800 usually takes between 2hrs 45 minutes and 3hrs 15 mins. For Plagne Soleil the journey takes another 5 mins, for Plagne Centre another 10 minutes, for Plagne Bellecote another 20 minutes and for Belle Plagne another 25 minutes. Please the above times are approximations and we allow extra time on certain dates and certain times of the day when we know traffic may be bad.

Where Are The Bus Stops in the La Plagne Resorts ?

To see our stops in the various La Plagne resorts, please go to the bottom of this page



If your child is big enough to sit in a seat themselves whilst safely strapped into a 2 point lap seat belt, then they must purchase a ticket at the full price and travel like any other passenger. If your child is so small that they need a baby seat, then regretfully we are unable to arrange to transport them. This is due to the fact that we often use large coaches which are not suitable for safely securing a baby seat. 

Our Service

  • We provide an emergency telephone number on your e-Ticket in case you need to contact us.
  • We have English speaking reps at the Airport and in resort to help you with your transfer.
  • We typically use larger vehicles which are more environmentally friendly.
  • We use experienced drivers who know the mountainous terrain.
  • We are a well established company who have been operating in the Alps for many years.

 * Please note we may ask you to change buses at Aime. Our Reps and / or drivers will help you with this.


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From Grenoble Airport to Aime (for La Plagne)


From Grenoble Airport we only run transfers as far as Aime, the village at the bottom of the mountain & the transport hub for all the La Plagne resorts. Please read on for more information.

Our Prices

Our prices for the 2014 / 2015 ski season from Grenoble Airport to Aime are likely to be £73.90pp Return and £43pp SingleThere is a 20% discount for children under 12 and groups of 8 or more people will automatically be given 1 seat for free. There is a £4 surcharge for each Sunday you travel on. Please book early to avoid a Last Minute Booking Fee of £5. To get a price for your group, please put your details into our Instant Quote box on our Home Page & the discounts will be applied automatically.

Onward Transport from Aime

From Aime you can either take a public bus or a private transfer to any of the La Plagne resorts. Details about this can be found below and will be on your Ben's Bus e-Ticket

What Dates Do We Operate ?

  • Saturdays: We will run our shared transfers from Grenoble Airport to Aime every Saturday from the 13th December 2014 (only to Aime on this date) until the 18th April 2014 (only from Aime on this date) connecting with every single flight coming into and out of Grenoble Airport. 

  • Sundays: We will only run 1 morning bus service on Sundays. The dates of operation will be:

  • - From Grenoble Airport to Aime, departing the airport around 10:30am, from the 14th December 2014 until the 5th April 2015
  • - From Aime to Grenoble Airport, departing Aime around 06:00am, from the 21st December 2014 until the 12th April 2015
  • - On all other dates and at other times of the day on Sunday, see our travel advice for weekdays, below.

Weekdays: We do not run a service to Aime on weekdays. We do have an airport shuttle service that runs every day from Grenoble airport to Grenoble Centre. You can book this shuttle bus by using our online booking process on our home page. From Grenoble centre you can catch onward trains and buses on to many towns, cities and ski resorts in France. For Buses, try Altibus, or the local bus network for Grenoble, the VFD or Transaltitude for its dedicated ski resort service. For trains try SNCF and for taxis we would recommend Actibus or AlloBK Taxi

What Times Do Our Buses Go ?

The flight times into Grenoble Airport do vary from week to week and so, therefore do our bus times to and from Aime. The easiest way to find the bus time that suits your flight is to put your details into our online booking form on our home page. A list of all flights coming into and going out of Grenoble Airport will appear and next to them you will see our bus departure times to and from Aime. 

How Long Do Our Transfers Take ?

The transfer between Grenoble Airport and Aime takes between 2hrs 30 mins and 3hrs. We allow extra time on certain dates and certain times of the day when we know traffic may be bad.


Bus Stop in Aime

If you are coming from or going to Grenoble Airport, we will drop you at the main "Gare Routiere" in Aime. This is the bus & train station of Aime.


We Will Wait For You If Your Flight Is Delayed

Grenoble Airport is an efficient little airport and 30 minutes is easily enough time to get through customs and Baggage Reclaim. If your flight is delayed we will wait for you but we may not be able to hold our bus for longer than 30 minutes after its scheduled departure time. After that we will do everything we can to get you on our next bus at no extra cost. We have many buses going back and forth each day and our record for getting people to resort is extremely good.



For this particular route, all children between 2 years old and 12 years old are entitled to a 20% discount. This discount will be applied automatically when you select the number of children in the booking process. For infants under 2 years old you have 2 options:

1. Children under 2 may legally sit on the parents knee and so can travel for free. Please Contact Us once you have booked to supply us with the infants' name.

2. If you would like your infant to sit in a child seat (provided by yourself), you must Contact Us in advance to check that a suitable seat in the bus is available and you must pay the full fare for a child. We regretfully cannot provide child seats and would ask that you do bring your own.

Where Are The Bus Stops in La Plagne ?

From Geneva Airport, we pick up & drop off at the points marked on the maps below. Our buses will have signs in the window & our reps will be on hand to assist you.

Belle Plagne

Belle Plagne Ski Transfer Map

In the square outside the car park belonging to “Hotel Les Balcons Village.” Please wait next to the large resort map which is just on the right hand side of the car park entrance.

Plagne Bellecote

Plagne Bellcote ski transfers map

Opposite tourist information is a large bus shelter and an area where you can leave baggage called the “Bagagerie”


Plagne Centre

Plagne Centre Ski Transfers Map

Directly in front of the Centre Medical and Intersport is a small bus shelter which looks out onto the main road. If you were stood in the shelter and looked out to your right you would see the “Salle Omnisports.”


Plagne Soleil

Ben's Bus Stop Plagne Soleil

The bus stop is on the main road at the start of Plagne Soleil. If you stand on the road facing the Odalys Le Cervin residence and look to the left you will see a flight of stairs. The stop is located at the bottom of these stairs

Plagne 1800

La Plagne 1800 ski transfers map

At the bus stop on the main mountain road, just round the corner from the residence Maeva Lauzes. On the corner of the road is an automatic cash machine with a sign “Banque Laydernier” above it.

Onward Travel from Aime to the La Plagne Ski Resorts

If you are coming from Grenoble Airport, we will drop you at the main bus & train station in Aime. From here you can take a public bus up to any of the La Plagne resorts & details of these local bus services & how to book will be on your Ben's Bus e-Ticket.

If you would prefer to book a private transfer to take you from Aime up to La Plagne, we have arranged a special 10% discount for Ben's Bus customers with a local private transfer company. Once you you have booked your Ben's Bus to Aime, there will be a link on the Ben's Bus e-Ticket to the ski transfer company & details of how to get the 10% discount. A list of their prices (inclusive of the discount) can be seen below. All prices are one way.


Resort 1-3 pax 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people 9+ people
LES COCHES 50 € 56 € 61 € 66 € 71 € 78 € On Demand
PLAGNE 1800 45 € 50 € 54 € 59 € 63 € 68 € On Demand
PLAGNE CENTRE 50 € 54 € 59 € 63 € 68 € 72 € On Demand
PLAGNE VILLAGE 53 € 59 € 64 € 69 € 75 € 80 € On Demand
PLAGNE SOLEIL 53 € 59 € 64 € 69 € 75 € 80 € On Demand
AIME LA PLAGNE 2000 50 € 55 € 59 € 64 € 68 € 73 € On Demand
PLAGNE BELLECOTE 50 € 55 € 59 € 64 € 68 € 73 € On Demand
BELLE PLAGNE 56 € 61 € 67 € 72 € 77 € 81 € On Demand